Monday, April 17, 2006


My car's check engine light has come on for no good reason, all the movies I bought yesterday suck, nobody is seeding the torrents I want to download, and dandylion flowers have taken over my entire yard.......I'm going back to bed.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

We Just Love Advertising

Let me advert on my opinions on advertisments. We love them and we hate them. People buy the sunday paper just to get the ads and see what's on sale. People are dissapointed if they go to a movie and there are no trailor ads for other movies. People download adds for electronics, cars, games, and hundreds of other products. People buy tickets to go to trade shows and see live ads. People stay glued to the ads that run during the Super Bowl. We just love our ads. But those ads are well placed, entertaining, or both. A bad ad, or one that advertises a product useless to the audience, will incur wrath. With the comming of radio chip based ads these extremes will be made much more clear. I see a future where many companies will flounder if people get a bad connotation of them from poor advertising. I think advertising will become pervasive in our lives, but if done honestly and creatively it could be a good thing, and the better the majority of the ads the more a company will suffer if it releases inapropriate or just dull ads.