Friday, March 17, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

The Good:
1. Got a new Sony Ericsson cell phone that I like. A little bit smaller than I normaly like, but overall a good little phone.

2. The new XGL linux GUI, Oh Yeah! Now Apple and the Open Source community have both beat Micro$oft to the 3D desktop. Oddly Micro$oft still brags about the "inovative" 3D desktop in their upcoming (winter '06) Windows Vista. At least microsoft will allow users to use their software outside of administrative mode. As the resident "computer guy" for my neck of the woods, I will be gratefull if that muffles the cries for me to get spyware and adware out of peoples PCs.

The Bad:
1. Over the air HDTV. Not the quality of the signal, I'm talking about the quality of the actual material. I've been suffering through everything from the "History of American Spinach Farming" to a detailed documentary on "Greek Sheapards." OK everybody, a broadcast licence is a privelage not a right!

The Ugly:
1. The Blogger inerface is due for an update guys! This baloony Windows XP style crap has to go, yuck!

2. Most of the manufactured PCs (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc.) that I see on store shelves look so bland that they are nearly invisible. Can somebody do more than just build black and grey cubes? No wonder Apple is gaining market share, they are to only people with a different color paint. What happened to the brushed aluminum cases and bright automotive style paint jobs we used to see just a few years ago?