Monday, February 13, 2006

Now Apple knows Microsoft's Pain.

Apple is getting sued for violating monopoly laws. Now the complaint getting the press is the same thing I (and many others) have been complaining about for years. You must use the iTunes music store to download music (legaly) onto your iPod. I agree that that sucks. A decent analogy would be Ford Motor Co. telling you that if you drive a Ford you maust use Ford brand Gass, and never go to a non-Ford gass station. That, as I said, sucks. But the part that will nail them is their active update system (the updates for firmware and software) has sought out iPod software made by other manufacturers and written their patches to disable it. The best example is Real Players software to play Real Media files on the iPod. It took little time before Apple killed the App. This shows a desire to maintain a monopoly, If they are attempting to maintain a monopoly then they must logically have one. These are not my definitions by the way. The "keeping a monopoly so you must have one" line came from the microsoft anti-Trust suit. By the way.........Microsoft lost.
This will hopefully be an expensive learning experience for Apple, they have the potential to be one of my favorite Tech. manufacturers. They just have a bit of an arrogance problem to work out.