Monday, February 06, 2006

Back with a vengance...

I'm gonna do a Larry King style rant list today. So, in no particular order...
#1. Love the new update for the Sony PSP. Many earlier updates were just to cover bugs or prevent hacking, but the last few have really been pretty usefull. Perhaps they are throwing a little more weight behind this gadget. It would be nice, that screen is real purdy.
#2. Last update for SuSE Linux killed my firewall settings!!! Still love the lizard though. Doing a fine job Novell, just leave my firewall alone next time.
#3. Thanks to the X-Box 360 millions of people are now using Linux. I sorta doubt that Microsoft is going to advertise that little fact. The Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution will be running Unix based systems as well. The current Playstaions (1 & 2) and the Nintendo Game Cube already do. Add all the Macs, Linux servers, and Linux PCs and somebody tell me what percentage of the market is not Windows.
#4. Podcasting (and vidcasting) is going strong. As evidence by the AT&T/SBC billboard I just saw in Illinois (route 15, halfway to belleville) that just says "Podcast" in big blue letters. (I like: Hack.5, Sploitcast, TWIT, Diggnation, DLTV, and Security Now.)
#5. Used to listen to the Lockergnome podcast, but lately he has really been a whiny little prick. Somebody get him to quit expounding on fonts and web page colors and I might start listening again.
#6. Last but not least, I want to buy a new HDTV, so be prepared for me to gush (or cuss) about it really soon.