Sunday, October 16, 2005

Enough about security

I am sick and tired of hearing about non secure systems and how they are ruining peoples lives. Online identity theft, computer viruses, spyware....all of it exists because we as a people are trusting of the companies we buy our complex junk from. You want online security, heres how you do it. Get rid of the maleable operating system. Simple, that's all there is too it. Have your customer custom configure his operating system with every bit of software he will need or want and burn it to a unalterable flash memory drive that can be inserted into the PC like a drive, out of the way yet easily removeable. This would, on computer start, create a virtual hard drive (RAM disc) and your computer would run from that virtual drive. Upgrades and new software would be installed onto the ramdisk only untill shutdown, with the machine booting from the unalterable flash drive each startup. The standard hard drive would be for data storage, but could not run or store executable files or any launchable program. Your hard disk would become a storage unit for your text files, pictures, and other work related data. Upgrading your OS flash drive would be nessasarily dificult, maby even requiring sending it to the provider and having it replaced with your new configuration. Such devices exist today, they are used by internet security companys to disect and study computer viruses. They are powerful and speedy compared to most office PCs. And the fractional cost increase would be offset by the reduction in internet security costs. And all it would take is a little bit of training and a slight modification in behavior.

This is not a residential solution, far too inconvienient, but this is a way to provide the vulnerable office computing market with a way to stop being the primary spreader of all the nasty critters going around the web-world. They have the most computers online by a huge percentage, making them critter free would go a long way to removing the threats. Cleaning up the residential side of the industry will be more difficult yet completely free. All it will take is a little education from us geeks, and a halt to the disinformation spread by the software sellers (read Microsoft, Symantec, etc., etc.) All for now, go hug a penguin.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Quick Complaint.....

I'm getting sick of blog spam. I have gotten about five per post, and have had to check my blog routinely to delete them before any readers mistakenly follow the links they contain. I am considering disallowing comments on all posts from now on. (Like I wasn't getting enough spam in my email accounts.)

Sorrow and Joy

I had been waiting to do a review of several new products, including the Nokia 770 handheld computer and the retail version of SuSE 10.0. As these have (sadly) not made it to my person yet you will instead get a review of a 2 1/2 year old notebook instead. The notebook in question is a refurbished IBM Thinkpad T22. I must say that it has been perfect for my Linux based wardriving needs. Combined with a ZyXel G-102 WiFi card, and using the Kinternet network finder, I have been a bandwith borrowing fool. In fact this very post is coming from an appropriated 802.11b network that uses a DSL broadband account. If you are in the market for a refurbished laptop I heartily recomend the pre-Lenovo era Thinkpads, very Linux friendly. That's it for today, I hope to bring my product reviews to you soon. Hug a Penguin...