Sunday, September 18, 2005

Let me geek out for a moment.

Readers of my blog, those who know me, and anybody who has read some of my Tshirts will know I have little love for Microsoft. But I have always held a real respect for the DirectX division within the company. The DirectX department is responable for the runtime environment within the Windows operating system that allows game graphics to be processed, and they oversee the Xbox and Xbox360 game consoles. In a world of ineptitude they seem to keep creating decent products. I feel more strongly now than ever, that when Microsoft avoided being broken into seperate companys by the U.S. goverment (they paid a fine instead) that they ultimately destoyed themselves. Now they won't die overnight, they simply have too much money and too many standing contracts. But ten years from now they may be forced to break apart to save the profitable divisions within the company. Just think what that division could have done for the DirectX department had it happened before it's profits went into the Microsoft Legal department's warchest. DirectX could have been the runtime environment on every Linux, Apple, Microsoft, and Homebrewed operating system out there. You could just buy a game and it would work, no more OS compatability issues. Royalties from use would be steady income, predictable and reliable income to feed R&D on the main focus, the Xbox consoles. Sadly DirectX is still just a cog within the greater Microsoft rusty machine. I just hope the drive toward mediocrity at Microsoft avoids the employees at DirectX untill legal action or industry reality free it.