Monday, September 12, 2005

The birth of a new blog

I was happy. Blogging my fingers off at Being a little security minded, I thought it was time to change my password. I could not find the tab to change passwords anywhere on the home site so, a little annoyed, I contacted customer service. I was told point blank that they "do not support password changes at this time, but maby in the future that feature will be added." After reading that little gem of an email, I replied "That means I (or anyone) could use a brute force password cracker to gain controll of anybody's account and you have disabled their ability to protect themselves. Are you guys irresponsible or just stupid?" I was told that they "have a feature to password protect each individual post." That was the last email from them I bothered to open. And for the record, I checked the individual post password feature, it can be disabled in the main account. You know, the one you can't change the password on. Not that I endorse this sort of thing, but Xavier_modern works just fine at busting the password on my old account.